Monday, June 8, 2009

Howard Bingham

I went to the California African American Museum (CAAM) yesterday to see the “A Moment in Time: Bingham’s Black Panthers” photo exhibit—one image included Chicano Brown Berets and another Reies Tijerina. On my way out from the exhibit room I exchanged a kindly hello with a man and as we walked by my friend, Ross Fontes, said, “Hey, that’s him.” And it was—Howard Bingham. So we went back to meet him. In introducing myself I said, “Mr. Bingham. . .” and he replied, “I am Howard.” Howard has a new book out titled, Black Panthers 1968.


Peter Richardson said...

I tried to use one of his Eldridge Cleaver photos in the Ramparts book. No dice. (I saw the marketing material in our distributor's office while presenting the PoliPointPress books.) His publisher indicated that he doesn't like his photographs reproduced that way.

sand said...

I think it is noble of Mr. Binham to preserve the imagery and legacy of the Black Panther Party. Many people exploit the Panthers imagery by capitalizing or taking their image out of context. It is important to understand these realities before we assume his intentions.