Thursday, March 13, 2008

Salud Carbajal is No Santa Barbara Fantasy

Oxnard’s adopted native son, Salud Carbajal, will have an easy time in his reelection to the prodigiously affluent 1st District seat of the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors. The Santa Barbara Independent attributed Carbajal’s talent to politically fund raise over $395,000 by the January filling period coupled with an affable disposition as central reasons in staving off a challenge to his seat.

BTW: Salud is an Oxnard High School alum of the class of 1983 and my compadre. His determination to attend the University of California at Santa Barbara out of high school inspired many of his classmates (me included) to enroll in college preparatory courses in the ultimate pursuit of baccalaureate degrees. This is particularly significant when one considers that over 50% of our peers dropped out of school, some as early as the ninth grade.

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David Pritchett said...

"Prodigiously affluent"?!?!

Homes, you need to spend some time on lower Milpas Street and see the foraging in the rubbish containers.

Part of one zip code in this Supervisorial District may be considered affluent.

Except for the District that covers Santa Maria, this is the least affluent District in Santa Barbara County.